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Have you ever woken up to discover a ball of hair on your sheets? For some men this experience is tantamount to despair. At groMD we’ve got some tips to help protect your locks and prevent your hair from falling out as a result of stress (formally known as telogen effluvium).

Although losing up to 100 hairs a day is common for men of all ages, it’s always worth identifying the root of the problem before it becomes a cause for concern. Hair thinning is a natural part of the ageing process and should occur at a slow and steady rate, especially if it’s driven by genetics (androgenic alopecia).

Sudden loss of hair or loose uneven patches, however, could be a sign of an underlying problem such as a skin condition or physical stress. When you experience trauma, the growth cycle is sent into shock mode and can temporarily trigger more hair into the shedding phase.

In many non-genetic cases, hair loss stems from stress (telogen effluvium) poor overall health and an unbalanced diet. For example, consuming too few protein and iron-rich foods like meat and eggs can result in hair loss and may even make your fingernails fragile, too. Studies show that hair loss can also result from overeating foods that contain vitamin A, but growth usually returns once these levels are reduced.

One of the key ingredients in building stronger and shinier hair, as well as fighting stress-related hair loss is Argan oil and biotin. The Argan oil in GroMD’s shampoo acts like a deep conditioning treatment that improves the health of your existing hair, while adding volume. It also helps combat dryness of the scalp caused by other hair care products that may contain harsh chemicals. The biotin in our formula also feeds your hair with essential nutrients, providing it with nourishment at the roots so your hair is ready to grow at optimum speed and length.

On average, two out of three men experience hair thinning by the age of 60 – so it’s safe to say you’re not on your own! Consider switching shampoos, as most men continue to use topical products chalk full of parabens and other harsh chemicals. Many store-brand shampoos may also cause scalp and skin irritation. GroMD shampoo and conditioner is a doctor-developed DHT-blocking topical formula that can help fight specific strains of fungus which are known to cause skin infections and dandruff build up. GroMD contains a wealth of natural, potent and effective ingredients which resets the scalp environment back to its natural state.