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Marketing Crazes in the Hair Care Industry

The beauty and cosmetic industries seem to cook up a new cosmetic craze every few weeks. We’ve all seen it a thousand times before: Product X will reverse signs of aging on your face within the first week. Product Y will remove and rejuvenate all scars and blemishes on your face. Product Z will transform […]

Fighting Telogen Effluvium with GroMD

Have you ever woken up to discover a ball of hair on your sheets? For some men this experience is tantamount to despair. At groMD we’ve got some tips to help protect your locks and prevent your hair from falling out as a result of stress (formally known as telogen effluvium). Although losing up to […]

Conditioning and Moisturizing Hair for the Fall and Winter

Whether we want to face it or not, colder weather is approaching rapidly, bringing plummeting temperatures and harsher weather conditions. Dry skin is common during the colder months, so many of us opt for a heavier moisturizer to keep our skin in good condition – but what about our hair? Key moisturizing ingredients for your […]